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Kraft Stand Up Pouch (SUP) Coffee Bag with Zipper & Valve

Kraft Stand Up Pouch (SUP) Coffee Bag with Zipper & Valve

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We are proud to present our new kraft stand up pouch with zipper and valve. It stands on its own, has a re-sealable zip strip, and comes with a WIPF aroma freshness valve. The outer finish has a silken matt feel to it, thus enhancing its appear on store shelves. The barrier is a VMPET metallic barrier, which excellent properties and a metal consumption of 0.1% of a traditional foil barrier.  

High Quality foil lined coffee bags with one way valve. Perfect for the storing of freshly roasted coffee, locking in the freshness whilst enabling the gases to escape through the valve.

We stock a wide range of bags and sizes, we can also get your bags printed for you also should you wish*

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