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The Coffe-Eco System

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 Having developed partnerships and close working relationships with leading companies to provide a strong yet flexible solution to the ever increasing problem of waste coffee product. We can now deliver you the perfect 'End of Life Solution' to all participating members to become part of, and benefit from the system.

 Leading the field in sustainable commercial coffee waste reuse

918 Coffee Co are the ONLY company that can bring this unique waste coffee solution to you and your business. We have developed partnerships with other leading companies in the industry that offer specific waste solutions on a commercial scale. As well as being one of these leading companies ourselves, we also act as an access hub for companies like yours to the other commercial services available in the system.

  • Coffee Grounds Collection
  • Coffee Grounds Recycling
  • Eco Roasting Fresh Coffee
  • Coffee Bag Collection & recycling
  • Cardboard Collection & Recycling
  • Waste Coffee Cup Collection
  • Waste Coffee Cup Recycling
  • Supply of Recyclable Coffee Cups
  • Recycling of used plastic bottles 
All of the above services are available at any level - from single outlet coffee shop to large multi site operations.


Who have we partnered with?

War on Waste

A Dorset based company providing companies and organisations waste management solutions, ensuring they reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfill. Specialising in re-using and recycling company waste streams. We are very pleased to have formed a great partnership with them, allowing us to expand our system to new recycling streams and allowing them to expand their services to new areas.

Learn much more about them here: WAR-ON-WASTE


Green Earth Appeal

 The Green Earth Appeal is a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise, changing lives of some of the planet’s poorest communities through tree planting, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and with the assistance of companies like yours.

Learn much more about them here: GREEN EARTH APPEAL

Simply Cups

A joint venture between Closed Loop Environmental Solutions of Australia and Simply Waste Solutions of the UK – Simply Cups is the UK’s only dedicated paper cup recycling solution, recovering used paper cups and turning them into functional new products.

Learn much more about them here: SIMPLY CUPS


Bio Bean

A clever team of people who have commercially scaled up their operation to tackle vast quantities of coffee waste and turn it into usable products again. Working with Bio Bean to process the collected cofee waste and condition it ready for burning in our unique Eco Roaster 

Learn much more about them here:  BIO-BEAN


So how does it work?

There is no real rocket science behind this part, unlike the technologies that go into these individual processes and systems. 

You simply decide how involved you want to be in the system by finding a participation level that works for your business and we will organise the rest! Once you are registered with us on your chosen level we will supply the relevant services and products you have chosen.

So whether you are just looking to have your existing cups collected to help make a difference or you want to switch over to a full participation, where we supply both you cup and coffee requirements as well as removal of your waste coffee grounds , coffee bags, cardboard boxes, used paper cups and plastic bottles, we will help you through the full process to ensure your business realises the benefits of the system straight away.

We are currently only able to offer the collection level schemes in the south west of the UK currently, covering Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire & Hampshire. This is to ensure we are not causing further carbon emissions and increasing the footprint by travelling all over the country to recover the used products. Therefore if you are in the southwest and want to know what day each week your delivery/collection would be, please contact us and we will happily let you know which day and your drivers name and details for you.

What are the advantages of the Coffe-Eco System & how will my company benefit?

The advantages of this system are very straight forward, your company is currently spending money disposing of your coffee waste to landfill, maybe you have a contract with a large waste processing company who charge you to take your waste and burn it or landfill it or it is collected by the local authority, either way this is expensive and unnecessary. If you use The Coffe-Eco System, you can immediately save money by allowing us to collect your used coffee, bags, boxes, cups and bottles and take them away to be 100% recycled at the same time as we deliver your fresh new products. You will also find that our coffee and cup prices are incredibly competitive and may also save you money from your current supplier! Full members of the system also enjoy a 10% discount on all Coffe-Eco System products and services, so you can save even more!

You will also benefit from the huge amount of PR that we are continuously generating around this system.

Where does this system operate?

Currently only operating in the South West of the UK, however we are looking to expand on this in the very near future with regional distribution and collection points. To find out if we service your area currently, please feel free to contact the office and discuss it with the team. We will shortly be putting up a delivery/collection route map on this page for you to be able to clearly see which day your delivery/collection would be.

If you think you would be interested in hosting a distribution/collection facility, please do get in touch. We are running the model in the SW first with a view to running regional at a later date.

What is the Coffee like?

Changing your coffee is a big deal! We get that, we know all too well. This is why we would work with you to ensure your coffee quality is not compromised and that a blend will be found to ensure your customers are completely happy with the exchange (if they even notice!) We are completely confident that we can offer a second to non service when it comes to great coffee, after all this is our core business! We have access to every coffee in the world and have vast experience in creating blends for individual customers.

What are the Cups like?

We are using high quality cups for this system. We have developed a full printed cup in 8 &12oz sizes initially, if there is call for a 16oz offering, we will of course add this to the range. These cups are fully recyclable and will be turned into useful products after they have been used.

How much will this system cost me?

This scheme is set up to save you money. We hope that we will be able to offer you a comprehensive saving on your combined coffee supply and waste collection services. By participating in the Coffe-Eco System you will receive competitively priced Eco Roasted coffee and waste coffee collection. 

We are confident that through our clever partnering, we will SAVE you money within the first year through the purchasing of our cups and coffee alone! Added to the saving you will make by recycling your coffee waste and not land filling, the equation is heavily weighted in your favour!

There are two membership levels offering the user differing levels of participation and saving:

12 Months Associate Membership - £250

Pledging your support to the system will ensure you receive a signed certificate to display at your premises, a further certificate from the Green Earth Appeal to demonstrate your donation and carbon offset amounts, 10% discount on all 1kg Eco Roasted coffee beans purchased as well as membership endorsement on our new members webpage with active back links to your business and social media coverage.

12 Months Full Membership - £500

The next level is to become a full paid member of the Coffe-Eco System, for this there is a annual £500 membership fee which will entitle you to a number of membership benefits including:  Listing on our members website page, Inclusion in future PR & Social Media releases, access to branded Eco Roast POS, a Certificate from the Green Earth Appeal for 10T of Carbon Offset & discounted Coffe-Eco System products. For this level you will receive a discount voucher which entitles you to 10% OFF all our Coffe-Eco System products for 12 months. So if you are a larger volume user, it will pay to become a full member and save even more.

12 Months Corporate Membership - £1000

Corporate membership of the Coffe-Eco System is specifically designed for use with other coffee service companies wishing to offer this system to their own customers. This is possible to do subject to terms and conditions including a dedicated supply agreement. The annual £1000 membership fee will entitle you to a number of membership benefits including:  Listing on our members website page, Inclusion in future PR & Social Media releases, access to branded Eco Roast POS, a Coffe-Eco System certificate for your company and for your customers companies, a Certificate from the Green Earth Appeal for 10T of Carbon Offset & discounted Coffe-Eco System products. For this level you will receive a wholesale discount applied to all Coffe-Eco System products bought to sell to your own customers for a 12 month period. This level allows you to offer this amazing services to your customers without them having to join themselves, therefore becoming your USP against your competitors. If CSR is important to your customer, this is an invaluable service offering.

How do I register for the system?

This is the simplest part - to get involved all you need to do is email us and asked to be put on the Coffe-Eco System register or purchase online. Once we know your location and intended participation level, we can then advise of your routine collection/delivery day and one of our sales managers will come out to see you to explain how it all works in more detail.

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