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Who are 918 Coffee Co?

We are 918 Coffee Co, a Coffee Roastery based in Dorset, in the South-West of England.  We roast coffees from around the globe to meet the needs of our customers, throughout the UK and Europe.  We supply both green and roasted coffee to a variety of customers ranging from the Houses of Parliament to Waitrose, other coffee roasters, coffee shops and farm shops to name just a few! 


We are continuously developing new working relationships with growers, merchants and distributors alike, as a result 918 Coffee Co has firmly established itself in the marketplace as a source of fine coffees and great customer service.


We are suppliers of raw green coffee beans in 10kg bags, which has proved a great success,  With our low prices and discount structures, this area of our business has become an invaluable asset to roasters within th UK and Europe, wanting to develop different blends and offer a larger range of single origin coffees to their customers.


Now with an extensive range of coffees from this website and our green bean website - - we can offer some of the most exclusive single origins through to the our ever popular espresso blends. 


We also stock a large amount of coffee ancillaries and associated items, ranging from Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, Monin Flavoured Syrups to commercial and domestic coffee machines.


We offer a Coffee Machine Rental Package which will firmly establish any new business on a budget or indeed and established business wishing to expand. 


Our 'old Fashioned' customer service values stem from our own coffee shops, this acts as a valuable ethos for our overall business as we realise how important it is to stay customer focused and having the coffee shops also allows us to evaluate feedback from our customers to ensure that our coffee is second to none.


We take great pride in our products, our unrivalled customer service and our commitment to the environment.  Our ethos is to ‘Meet the needs of the present world, without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs’.


We want to help reduce the impact that coffee consumption has on the planet.  That's why we invented our Eco Roast Technology - a carbon neutral, zero waste process that harnesses the energy of waste coffee grounds that would normally have been sent to landfill. Our unique, innovative coffee roasting technology uses this energy to power our Eco-Roaster, producing one of the most environmentally friendly coffees in the world. Our great tasting eco roast coffee provides consumers with delicious coffee and an environmentally friendly solution to help reduce waste and CO2 emissions for a more sustainable future.


How does 918 Coffee Co operate?


We currently have a team of 11 specialists.  All of our staff are as passionate as we are about coffee and help us develop our commitment to the environment and support our company ethos.  We are all Coffee Nuts – did you know the coffee bean is a nut?


Our CEO and Co-Owner is Justin Cornelius.  Justin is the inventor of the Eco Roaster and the Coffe-Eco System.  He is also responsible for the day-to-day operational side of the business.  He is the Head Roaster and is continuously developing new blends and techniques to improve the coffee lovers experience. 


Our Company Secretary and Co-Owner is Chanel Cornelius.  Justin’s wife, and responsible for the administrative side of the business.  She is responsible for the company accounts, legal issues ie H&S, Insurances, HMRC tasks, staffing, payroll, websites etc.


Justin drives the business forward, an amazing entrepreneur, and Chanel makes it happen.


Within our Head Office, we have Olivia who is our Customer Relations Manager and Statia who is our Administrative Officer.  Together they undertake all customer service tasks, produce customer orders, invoices, statements etc, process orders for the company, organise external events to name just a few.  They also manage our Retail Outlet Store.  We have Colin who is our Sales Manager.  Colin has a weekly route he undertakes to meet with our customers, deliver their coffee and collect their coffee waste at the same time.


Within our Roastery, we have Elizabeth who is our Commercial Supervisor and Liam who is our Domestic Supervisor.  They deal with customer orders from the different sectors.  Ranging from grinding, weighing, bagging, labeling, organising couriers together with general warehousing duties.  We also have Henry, Beth, Josh and Jake who support both Elizabeth and Liam with the order processing. 


Established in 2009, 918 Coffee Co have been committed to providing the finest quality coffees, whilst managing the needs of the environment. We pride ourselves on our products, our ethos, our commitment to the environment and our excellent customer service.  


What does sustainability mean to 918 & Eco Roasted Coffee? 


Our interpretation of sustainability is to try to reduce the negative impact we have on the planet and the acceptance that it will not be achieved in our lifetime.  But, it is this endlessly approachable ideal and the endless pursuit that drives us to strive for future generations and the health of our planet.  Despite the realisation that we will not see our efforts come to fruition, we must continue to conserve natural resources and use science and technology to make the necessary changes, not only in business but also in the way we live our lives.  A healthy environment is essential for human survival. 


For us, sustainability is managing our environmental, financial and social risks.  Our company is sustainable because we resilient and we have created economic value through our Coffe-Eco System.  Our system gives us the opportunity to develop more healthy Eco Systems, who knows what we will do next! 


What challenges do we face as an organisation that cares about sustainable practices? 


Despite its importance and the benefits achievable, many businesses have not adopted sustainable/environmental practices.  Our research has found that for the majority of these businesses they state their reasons for not adopting these methods are due to the costs out-weighing the benefits, and for many businesses this is a very difficult decision to make.


We agree with this to an extent, however for us, despite the restrictions and implications of increased costs, it is who we are.  We will do all we can to continue to work towards our endless goal, secure in the knowledge that because of the changes we have made and will continue to make, the vast benefits produced will be available to future generations, for a more sustainable future. 


We have faced challenges when trying to measure sustainability.  There are too many metrics that claim to do this and it is very confusing. 


We are very supportive of the Reuse method rather than just Recycle.  Recycling is great if the product can not be reused, but we are constantly researching what can be extracted from waste products to serve another purpose.  We are passionate about this issue and we reuse wherever possible.  We try to reuse all our waste and do reuse 75% of our waste.


We survive these and many other external challenges because we are passionate about coffee and the environment, we are a smart business that will ask for help if required and we are intimately connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems.


Where would we like to see sustainable business practices in 10 years’ time? 


The global challenges associated with sustainable development are multifaceted.  They encompass economic, social, and environmental concerns. These challenges can have implications for many aspects of a business and effect the business strategy and model. I would hope in 10 years time that businesses no longer see sustainable development as a one-dimensional nuisance, involving regulations, added cost, and liability but as a multidimensional opportunity. 


Businesses need help now to equip them with the skills and knowledge in order for them to deal with these issues in a strategic manner. 


Hopefully in 10 years businesses will be able to easily identify and adopt strategies and practices that contribute to a more sustainable world.


Why do we support the Rainforest Alliance & Fair Trade Organisation


Where do I begin!  There are a multitude of reasons we admire, support and adopt the practices of the Rainforest Alliance and the Fair Trade Organisation.  To name just a few, their help to stop the destruction to the environment and deforestation.  They improve livelihoods, strengthen communities and protect workers.     


They are widely recognised organisations that contribute to many causes close to our heart.  They are a natural choice for us and we are often guided by their advice. 


Want to know something about 918 that you might not know?


918 is a combination of Justin’s lucky number, 18, and Chanel’s lucky number, 9.  These numbers are very special and they are used in lots of ways in the hope of generating luck.  Justin and Chanel were married on 18 September. 


The Coffe-Eco System and our first range of Eco Roasted coffee (the Flaming Dorset range) was launched on 18 September.  There are many instances where these numbers present themselves, for example Justin and Chanel’s son, Henry, was born on 18th and delivered in room number 9!

Thank you to all our loyal coffee drinkers for your support - enjoy our website and we look forward to seeing you again soon.