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'Host & Roast' Coffee Launched by For-Ethiopia: Can a Food Crop Change a Nation?

Bristol charity For-Ethiopia has launched Host & Roast – a unique twist on traditional coffee mornings in which hosts gather friends, family, colleagues etc to roast, grind, brew and drink coffee together just as the Ethiopian monks did 1200 years ago when they gave coffee to the world.


In Ethiopia, coffee is not drunk alone. It is a social activity to be shared with others in an informal ‘ceremony’. Sharing coffee with others means you are ‘at peace’ with them and cultivates community and friendship and has parallels with the ‘slow food movement’. Coffee is typically made by roasting and brewing on a small charcoal burner. Cups (cinis) are usually laid out in a square on a tray dressed with fresh grass and served with a snack such as fresh popcorn.


The concept taps into the growing interest in coffee production, different beans and origins. The charity which is in its tenth year and based in Bristol believes the unique aspects of Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee and the roasting of beans will suit the growing sophistication of coffee drinkers.


By providing equipment, basic training and a marketing platform it is estimated £250K could be raised within 5 years for health and education in Ethiopia. George Grace of For-Ethiopia stresses that ‘although coffee is the second most valuable resource in the world, Ethiopia remains one of the poorest nations – we wonder; can a food crop and coffee habit help change a nation’?


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