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Coffee - where on earth did it come from?

Who discovered Coffee?

Here is a brief timeline which shows the journey of coffee from an African plant to an everyday essential for many -

  • The coffee plant can be traced back to Ethiopia around the 13th century.
  • The word coffee dates back to 1582 and means ‘wine of the bean’.
  • When observing birds and goats that had eaten the coffee berries they seemed to have increased vitality.
  • When eaten raw they have a bitter taste – legend has it that ‘Kaldi’ the goat keeper took them to the monks who threw them in the fire to discard them as they disliked the taste, but when the aroma attracted a crowd, they raked them from the fire and dissolved them in hot water and the humble cup of coffee was born.
  • Coffee was consumed and traded originally in the Arab nations before spreading around the world during the 16th century.
  • The first European Coffee house opened in Venice in 1645.

A range of coffee beansWell that is the history lesson over, we can certainly agree with the meaning of the word and many of us today start and end our days with a cup of coffee (and a few in between).  There is something about the rich aroma, that smooth taste and warm feeling that a cup of coffee brings but there is much more to coffee than this – it have become part of our society, how often do you say ‘We must meet up for a coffee’?  Coffee is a social drink, it brings people together, wraps up the evening after a celebratory meal or boosts our moral if we are feeling down. The aroma of a cup of coffee

We are passionate about the humble cup of coffee – there are a plethora of blends that can cater for every taste, mood or occasion.  Join us in raising a cup to those monks and goats that helped us discover this wonderful drink.  Konjo Bunna!

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